Bailey, Bats, Bails and Balls

You might have seen the odd holiday snap from Mike recently. Last month, 12 cricket obsessed friends from Bury set out on a whirlwind adventure to Sri Lanka. It wasn’t the usual sun, sea and sand break but instead, a trip to see England Vs Sri Lanka in the Test Match at Galle.

From tuk-tuk rides to elephant spotting and not to mention a game of cricket on the beach at sunset, the trip was a huge success with England winning the match.

Whilst it’s nice for a business owner to get a chance to relax on holiday, it’s often not without worry that things are grinding to a halt at home, or that you find yourself checking emails as regularly as you would in the office.

That’s not the case for CAVA. Mike has several trusted business colleagues who are available for both new and current customers to speak with when he is away.

Alongside the reception team, they mind the shop and everything runs as it normally would. This means that there’s no delays for customers, it’s business as usual!

Take a look at Mike batting during a stormy sunset game of cricket on the beach during the trip.

CAVA – Cricket Video

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