The Highway Nightmare

It’s not an uncommon site, the temporary traffic light. A roadworks sign here and there. A pothole big enough for you to swim in after a rainy day.


The scale of Britain’s roadworks are at an all time high. Collectively, during 2017, roadworks across the UK overran by 23,636 days which equates to 65 years’ worth of delays.


The maintenance of our roads has been found to be the top priority for UK motorists, when asked what they want their taxes spent on. Yet we are currently facing 229 miles worth of roadworks across the country.


Research from the RAC predicts that 2.8 million of us will hop in the car over Christmas and New Year, travelling to spend time with relatives and friends and making over 30 million journeys collectively. This year is particularly traffic heavy due to schools closing closer to Christmas than usual.


Transport hell doesn’t end there, with upgrades being carried out across rail networks over the festive period.


We are experiencing a shift in attitudes towards transport and travel methods (we don’t think attitudes to roadworks will ever change…) with autonomous vehicles in production, from cars to commercial vehicles.


Demand in passenger mobility is set to double by 2050, according to Cambridge Network. With this in mind, there has been an increase in ride sharing and use of taxi services. During the festive period could you share a journey or use a taxi instead of your vehicle?

If you’re a taxi company, considering your options and looking to expand your fleet, don’t hesitate to call and speak with Mike and we can get the wheels in motion. Take a look at our recent blog on CAVA’s Taxi Finance product.


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