CAVA, Customer Service and the Art of Conversation

We recently received a newsletter which got us thinking about CAVA’s approach to customer service. The email was about the importance of the art of conversation.

Reading further along the email highlighted that nowadays, marketing is geared up to point your customers to a FAQ list or to speak to advisors online, rather than over the phone or in a meeting. Is the art of conversation dead?

CAVA’s approach is, we are happy to share, the complete opposite. We’d much rather speak with both new and existing customers over the phone. Or better still, in person.

Mike enjoys meeting the people we work with, face to face wherever possible. We believe that the personal touch is key to long standing business relationships and that’s only further emphasised by the wonderful testimonials we receive from our clients.

Of course, we appreciate that time is precious so are equally happy to speak over email, but there’s times where a good old chat just can’t be beaten.

You might have heard of the the 4 C’s and if not, here’s a run-down of the pillars that we keep in mind.

Customer Experience – Something we strive to deliver each and every time we work with a client. Securing a competitive deal for you is our goal, our customers receive a truly bespoke service.  

Conversation – This might be muddled up with communication, whilst both are important, we prefer the personal aspect of a conversation. We listen and ask questions to find out as much as we can, so we can deliver the right service to you.

Content – Do you receive our email newsletters? We regularly share our testimonials as well as blogs on topics that our customers are interested in hearing about.

Collaboration – We want you to get involved! We feature one of our clients every month as part of our case studies, so that you get to go ‘behind the scenes’ with CAVA.

If you’re looking to finance a new vehicle or asset and you need some advice, we always take the time to talk to our potential and current customers to determine their needs and make sure we’re delivering the best service possible.

So, pick up the phone and speak to Mike on 0161 222 9599 and let’s start a conversation!

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