The Age Old Question – Should older drivers be required to re-take their driving test?

Since the 17th of January we’ve seen countless articles floating around surround Prince Philip and his driving abilities.

The collision has proved to be a controversial subject, with many calling for the Prince to surrender his keys. The crash has also sparked a debate over whether older drivers should be made to retake their driving test once reaching a certain age.

It’s not a new topic, with several TV shows surrounding driving competency gracing our screens over the last few years. Most notable (and teeth clenching) is 100 Year Old Driving School. The show sees those nearing triple figures get behind the wheel, with a driving instructor by their side.

Again, the show highlights that perhaps motorists over a certain age need to be brought up to speed with modern day driving rules and techniques. In a recent survey, Select Car Leasing discovered that over a third of motorists believe that those over the age of 60 should be made to re-take their driving test.

It’s a commonly believed myth that at 70 you need to re-take your test. There isn’t currently a legal requirement for drivers over 70 to re-take their test. It’s a driving licence holder’s responsibility to decide whether they are still fit to drive.

However, there is a requirement to renew your driving licence at 70. And then every three years following but there is no test required.

Ultimately, it boils down to older drivers reflecting on their skills behind the wheel. And whether they have picked up any bad habits over the years.

Of course, if re-tests were introduced for drivers over a certain age, it could result in a lot of people losing their independence. On the flip side, could help to prevent accidents.

What do you think, should drivers over a certain age be made to re-take their driving test?

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