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The Real Reason CAVA Finance Does Things Differently

If you head to the website of one of the larger vehicle finance companies (you know the kind you see those repetitive adverts for, on TV?) then the first thing you’re faced with is a finance calculator.


You might have noticed that we don’t have a finance calculator on our website. That’s not because our website isn’t as fancy or that we didn’t know how to create one. It’s because, whilst you might want a quick answer to see what you could realistically afford, it’s not as simple as punching in a few numbers on a computer.


We read an article recently which highlighted that the UK had seen a surge in demand for online finance. FICO, a software firm who conducted the research discovered some quite alarming figures. 50% of UK consumers considered just one lender during an online application for a car loan and a further 86% said they’d prefer to accept an instant loan offer to avoid the paperwork or having to deal with a lender.


We’re not trying to pull the wool over your eyes, if you work with CAVA there will be paperwork involved, there’s compliance to adhere to and of course we are working with you as our top priority. Whilst the figures above related to car finance specifically, it’s concerning to think of the amount of people who may have chosen a car deal out of ease, rather than because it was the best deal.


It’s even more worrying to think that if people are only considering one deal for their car, then the likelihood is they’re doing the same when it comes to vehicles used for their business. Figures from the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association have highlighted that company car and van fleet leasing has grown by 6.6% year on year.


So, there’s a clear demand for finance of vehicles used for business, which is what we specialise in, from taxis to coaches and commercial vans. CAVA have access to ‘whole of market’, working repeatedly with trusted lenders to secure the most reasonable deals possible for our clients, both new and returning.


We want to highlight that the reason we don’t shout about APR rates and how low your repayments could be, isn’t because we can’t compete with the big guns, but because we provide such a bespoke service. We enjoy getting to know our clients on a personal level, discovering more about their business and where it’s heading and offering our advice.


Aside from our own expert advice, stemming from Mike’s 35 years of experience in the finance industry, we are also able to put our customers in touch with trusted specialists such as David Fishwick Minibus Sales or Clive Knight Commercials.


Their advice is second to none, they can help you to find the most suitable vehicle for your requirements. Whether it’s a 17 seat luxury minbus or minicoach or a van with specific height and length requirements, they will assist in sourcing a vehicle. CAVA will do the rest!


Ultimately, we wanted to let you know that we’re not ignoring changes in the industry or the way people find finance, but we are, as we always have been, going to remain a customer focused company. That means we’ll take the time to find you the right deal, talk to you and possibly even meet with you, because you can’t put a price on that.