Shaking things up at Bury FC

As you may know, I am a huge Bury FC supporter. I do like to mix business with pleasure and it’s always interesting to share sports related blogs and see what our followers think too.


Gigg Lane is currently in crisis, with Shakers fans of all ages meeting recently at the Elizabethan Suite, Bury Town Hall, chaired by Dave Giffard of Forever Bury, and James Frith, Labour MP for Bury North.


Fans were asked to vote of the best way forward to try and save the 134-year-old Bury Football Club from liquidation and remove owner Steve Dale.


Earlier in June the support for the club grew following an encouragement to join Forever Bury, the FC supporters trust, in a bid to help save the club. Commenting on the growing support, which has doubled since the rally, Giffard said “We are growing. The response has been phenomenal.”


In regard to the options currently available for the future of the club, fans were asked to vote on the below;


  1. A prospective new buyer takes over ownership of the club from Dale, and clears all of the club debts, estimated to be around £8 million

  2. The club is placed into Administration, which effectively means that Dale loses control of the club. The Administrators will take over control of the club and will be tasked with trying to find a new buyer, albeit at a “knock down” price.

  3. Do nothing, and the club faces liquidation.

Options 1 and 2 were given the green light by the fans, however option 2 is by far the most likely to happen. Giffard let those of us who attended the meeting know that plans are underway to convince Capital Bridge, the club’s main creditor, to submit the administration application.


The club returns to the High Court next Wednesday so we will have to see if this plan will be successful.