CAVA’s Been Breaking Records

Call us old fashioned but here at CAVA we don’t think anything can beat good old snail mail. Unless it’s your Birthday often do you receive something in the post that isn’t a bill or junk mail?


Of course, email is quicker and cheaper. And it is a means for us to keep in touch with our customers and share our news. Whilst we do send out emails, we have taken note from Royal Mail who found in a study that 57% of customers who receive something directly from a company feel more valued than if they received an email. Which is why we like to add the personal touch and have done since CAVA was first established.


Which is why every CAVA customer, both new and current, receives a hand-written thank you card for every single new deal. There’ll be a few clients who will have quite a collection of cards now!


We’re very grateful to all of our customers and are very happy to report that May was a record month for CAVA. Over 75% of business during May was with repeat customers, people we enjoy working with again and again.


The finance deals we’ve secured for our customers this last month show what an expert Mike is in his field, with all of our niche services being utilised by our clients for both business and personal use.


We helped secure finance for;


  • 6 minibuses
  • 4 vans
  • 2 coaches
  • 2 taxis
  • 1 commercial vehicle
  • 1 car


Do you have any vehicle requirements, whether that’s for an expansion of your business in a few months’ time or something more immediate? Don’t hesitate to contact Mike on 0161 222 9599 for advice and a competitive deal.