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What does the future hold for EVs and Public Transport?

Cast your mind back a few years or so and hybrid and electric vehicles were still relatively uncommon. However, recent reports support the prediction that by 2040 electric vehicles will dominate the market. Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates that more than 80% of sales of new buses and around 60% of sales of light commercial vehicles will be for electric options by 2040.


Even the iconic London double decker bus is going electric, with 100 electric buses joining fleets in the Capital from Chinese EV manufacturer BYD alongside the Optare Metrodecker buses which are in operation. This sees the UK further expanding it’s zero emissions public transport vehicles.


The shift in the market to electrification is progressing rapidly with operators such as National Express jumping on board and purchasing from busmakers ADL. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of the market slowing thanks to a combination of both public demand for cleaner and greener travel options and the increased productivity which EVs provide. 


The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs have released figures highlighting that currently 13% of nitrogen dioxide levels in our environment are a result of buses, compared to 62% from cars and taxis.


Whilst emissions from buses and coaches are already lower, the public transport and service bus industry have an important role to play in providing cleaner travel options to reduce emissions and improve air quality.


With operators increasingly conscious of emissions charges and the environmental impact of their vehicles, it is refreshing to see this shift. It’s an interesting time for the automotive industry as a whole and CAVA is looking forward to assisting both existing and new clients in their electrical vehicle journeys.


If you’re considering a new vehicle and want to find out more about electrical options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch an I can introduce you to a trusted supplier and assist with finance requirements.

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