How will Legislation around Cleaner Air Impact on Coach Companies?

Cleaner air can only be a good thing, but there a lot to consider if your business in terms of environmental impact, if you’re a minibus, coach or taxi operator.

The Euro 6 Clean Air Legislation is being introduced in major cities around the UK, starting with London in April last year, with the Ultra Low Emission Zone being introduced to reduce pollution.  

The timing coincides with the best time to start thinking about expanding your business as an operator. With the weather picking up, the demand from customers is usually higher for trips and holidays where private hire transport plays a big part. Whether it’s airport drop offs, sight seeing tours or coach trips, there’s plenty of demand, but do you have the right vehicle?

If you’re looking to purchase a new coach, minibus or taxi in the near future then you’ll need to be aware that new criteria and specifications that must be met in order for you to comply with EU legislation.

Plans are all set for 2021 to expand the cities in which the Euro 6 compliance will be introduced, starting with Leeds and Manchester. Other major cities, primarily busy, tourist focused cities, will likely be required to adhere by new standards first. Naturally, there is more pollution in more congested cities, hence the introduction of the standards in larger cities.

What can you do? Well, it’s time to think about upgrading and up-speccing! You’ll need to meet the standards by law if you want to keep operating and continue to trade. Your passengers would likely opt for a different coach company if they knew that your company couldn’t complete the journey due to not being able to enter a Clean Air Zone!

There are both economic and engineering elements to these changes which will impact your business. Large bus and coach operators such as Arriva are already implementing ‘conversion kits’ into their buses to ensure they are compliant and reduce the disruption to their services.

It might seem like old news to you if you’ve already planned ahead an ensured that any new vehicles you’ve purchased are already compliant with the new standards, but if you’ve not needed a new vehicle until now, then it’s time to consider going green!

If you’re unsure on the specifications required, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll arrange for you to speak with our trusted suppliers of coaches and minibuses. Stay ahead of your competition and don’t get left behind. If you’re looking to expand and introduce a new vehicle to your fleet, you can contact Mike on 0161 222 9599.