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The Driving Force of Community Spirit

In a time where everything seems to have been flipped on it’s head, businesses are struggling and people’s daily lives are disrupted, it’s important to make the best out of a bad situation.

Longstanding customer A&A Travel (Sussex) Ltd have done exactly that. Following on from last Friday’s school closures around the country and Monday’s announcement of more significant lockdown measures, the company are doing all they can for their community.

These measures have resulted in unexpected availability of drivers and vehicles, where they would previously have been on the school run or providing transport for commuters.

Based in Sussex, the company have been providing transport to their community for 20 years. Many of their passengers fall into the elderly or vulnerable category. To give back, A&A put in place a free transport service to those who need it most.

“In these difficult times, we want to do our part to give something back to the community, and to our valued customers.”

Of course, with the daily announcements from the Government altering people’s usual routines and them recently imploring people to remain at home, this service will no longer be able to operate for the public in the same way.

However, A&A haven’t stopped there. In between sanitising their vehicles and ensuring passengers are seated a safe distance apart, they’re looking after our NHS and other important key workers.

“We also want to give something back to all those working hard in the NHS, Emergency Services, and “Key Worker” communities.”

Their commitment takes care of the transportation for key workers and their children, including;

– Transporting children of Key workers to School

– Rail Replacement, including emergency

– Transporting Key workers to & from work

– Patient Transport for hospitals

The company have noted on their Facebook page that they are in talks with the Council, Police, Local MP’s and Hospitals about how they could also offer further services or potentially adapt their vehicles to help a greater number of people.

If you have any contacts in East or West Sussex who may benefit from A&A Travel’s generous contribution to essential travel, please get in touch with them here.

We’re also keen to find out what our other clients are doing at the minute. If you have a story to share which could give someone a well needed boost, we want to spread positive news. Please get in touch here.

CAVA Finance is operating as usual during this time, albeit from the home office, and happy to assist with any queries!