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Rigby’s Mini Travel’s Positive News

At a time when many people are experiencing a low in terms of motivation and positivity, CAVA is once again amazed by the resilience of our clients and has another brilliant story to share.


The transport and travel industry has changed dramatically over the last year, with minibuses, coaches and taxis all operating only for essential travel, rather than a combination of leisure and necessity.


For CAVA Finance this has been challenging, to see an area we work closely with, hit so hard by the pandemic. Yet our clients are full of surprises and have reminded us to look for the positives during this time.


Dave Rigby of Rigby’s Mini Travel Ltd of Moreton, Wirral, recently got in touch to share how he’s made the most of the changes brought on by lockdown, a truly inspirational story to share!


“I haven’t driven my minibus since March 2020 as the majority of my work in transport is looking after people coming from Malta for football and holidays.

I started working voluntarily for Clatterbridge Cancer Hospital, Wirral at the start of the first lockdown and have been very fortunate that they took me on full time in August 2020. I now deliver medication to patient’s houses all over the Northwest.

I also decided to start Slimming World in August 2020 as I had reached 30 stone 11 pounds, as of yesterday I’m now down to 22 stone 13 pounds. There’s still a long way to go but I am half-way to my goal!

When this virus is over, I should be able to start my business back up as well as keeping the job at the hospital which I am really enjoying.”


Thanks for sharing Dave!


We are so grateful to our clients, for continuing to provide essential maintenance or travel services or deliver food and medication to those in need. We know not everyone is as fortunate, we’re equally grateful to those who are using this time to find new skills, develop new habits and provide inspiration for the rest of us.


 If you have a story to share, please get in touch as we’d much rather deliver good news stories than the doom and gloom the industry is battling through at the moment!