Return to Greenmount Golf Club

We all know how much Mike loves his sports, whether it’s watching Bury AFC, out on the golf course or playing a game of cricket, Mike loves to get involved. After not being able to play as much in 2020 due to lockdown, Mike was happy to be back and just starting to get back into the swing of things. At the beginning of August during a cricket match, he was hit on the forearm with a cricket ball which resulted in a broken arm and being in a cast for a 8 weeks. Unfortunately for Mike, this meant he had to take some time out, again!

So it is great news that after 8 long weeks in a cast, and another few weeks on top of that to get his arm back moving and recovered, Mike has finally made his return to the golf course. On the 24th November he finally played his first round of golf in the Wednesday Roll Up competition.

It might not have been Mike’s best performance but he had a great day catching up with everyone and sneaking in a pint after the game. Let’s hope he can start making a full return soon!