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The demand for motorhome holidays is on the rise as the travel industry recovers from the impact of Covid 19. The travel and tourism sector was and still is, one of the hardest hit by the impact of the global pandemic. With flights grounded, hotels closed and holidaymakers frustrated over last minute cancellations and late refunds, it’s been a difficult few months. 

However, there are attempts to revive the industry and over the last few months there has been an increase of 4.5% of deals from travel operators across the global travel sector, in a bid to encourage bookings.

Jumping on a plane might be the last thing on your mind right (unless you’re one of these people!) now which is why, unsurprisingly the UK has seen a huge boom in those opting to holiday in the UK.

Staycation Nation

The staycation trend has created a surge in the demand for motorhomes and campervans, with people choosing to invest in a safer way to get away.

Foreign travel remains uncertain, with travel corridors, restrictions and quarantine rules changing regularly. This has caused an increase in Brits option to book a getaway closer to home.

We’ve seen huge increase in both enquiries and finance agreements for motorhomes over the past few months and so wanted to highlight that this is an area which CAVA Finance can certainly assist with. We’re also saddened to see buyers being scammed by fake adverts from fraudsters which is why its always best to discuss your requirements with a professional.

Motorhome and campervan dealerships reopened to the public on the 1st of June and since then dealerships have reported a surge in demand for leisure vehicles. This offers some sense of relief to both manufacturers and dealers, after losing out on sales during what would usually be their busiest period in March and April.

According to Car Dealer, VW have reported a 250% increase in quotes for one of their most popular models, whilst Autotrader discovered that 40% of those surveyed were planning a 2020 staycation. They have suggested that caravan holidays will match hotel stays during 2020.

If you’re looking to secure a motorhome or campervan, be aware that dealerships and manufacturers are experiencing high demand and as such stock may be limited due to delays around manufacturing but we can work with you to either assist in your search or secure finance for a motorhome which you have sourced.

New Models of Motorhome

Dealerships will be looking to introduce new models during September so there is an opportunity to seek finance on older or used models, with the potential to make a saving.

If you’re reluctant to venture abroad and are looking to invest in a way to escape, then a motorhome could be the perfect solution. A survey from MBH Corporation has found that a large percentage of people were opting for a motorhome or caravan holiday to avoid either flying or staying in a hotel during the pandemic, as they’d prefer to have their own space.

How often would you usually go away and how much would you typically spend on holidays in a year?

Perhaps a motorhome a more sensible option for future holidays given the uncertainty of future foreign travel, allowing easy and frequent getaways, more freedom, and the chance to rediscover the beauty of UK destinations.

If you would like any more detail or would like to discuss your requirements for a motorhome or campervan call Mike on 0161 222 9599 or contact us here.



If you’ve kept up with CAVA over the last few years then you’ll be well aware that Mike is a lifelong Bury FC fan.

Sadly, the Shakers have had a rough ride, with financial problems and collapsed takeovers resulting in the club being left without a league to play in. Their application to join the National League system for 2020-21 was rejected recently by the Football Association and their fate remains uncertain.

Whilst facing looming insolvency, Bury fans and those involved in the club took matters into their own hands and formed Bury AFC. At the end of July, AFC was accepted into the 10th tier North West Counties League Division One North, meaning they have a place for next season, starting in September/ October.

Bury AFC was created with the knowledge that Bury FC may not have a secure future, not because fans wanted to see Bury FC disappear.

Mike is delighted to announce that he will be involved in the Shakers Community Board for Bury AFC, advising on fundraising and sponsorships. Over 500 volunteers have helped to support the ‘Phoenix’ club to enable things to get off the ground and for Bury’s fans to regain some control.

Bury AFC is by the fans, for the fans and the Shakers Community have shown how far comradery can get you, their passion is bringing football back to Bury despite jumping every hurdle imaginable along the way.

After following Bury FC for 60 years, Mike is looking forward to being involved in shaping the future of the new club alongside his other board members, built up of life long Bury fans like himself.

The club has recently appointed their first-ever manager, Andy Welsh from over 700 applicants, and Andy has already recruited 10 players in readiness for the new season. There’s still a lot to prepare ahead of the big kick-off,  but there’s a great buzz and the club is already proving to be a fundamental part of the Bury community. The new home and away shirts are now available, and already nearly 1,500 shirts have been sold in total.

Stay tuned for further updates around Mike’s involvement in this exciting venture! 



Whilst he may not have been able to get out on the grounds as much as he’d like over the last few months due to the COVID pandemic, Mike has still been supporting his local cricket club, Brooksbottom CC, in Summerseat.


Instead of swinging a bat, he’s been picking up a paintbrush and helping the club with a number of upgrades to improve all the facilities at the club, both indoors and outdoors.

The cricket club has benefitted by way of a grant from the Bury Council, and the clubhouse has been completely renovated. 

We also have a large beer garden, so why not visit us and enjoy a pint in the sunshine–all socially distanced of course?  


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We recently worked once again with Paul Cruickshanks of Tayforth Travel to secure finance on a VW Transporter Shuttle to expand their luxury minibus travel fleet. We were introduced some time ago by David Fishwick in Colne and have since worked together for several purchases of various minibuses for their growing company.

The company is based in Falkirk in Scotland and are a big part of the community, providing tours of the local area’s tourist attractions alongside minicoach hire for all occasions and travel needs.

CAVA Finance is proud to have helped the company to grow during a difficult time and it’s great to see some normality resuming, with their new shuttle recently providing the transport for a customer’s golf trip to Drumoig Golf Centre in St Andrews, as seen in the photo below.

Tayforth Travel

Tayforth Travel is one of the many minibus, coach and taxi companies that have proved themselves to be invaluable during a crisis.

From helping key workers to ensuring the most vulnerable in society are cared for, transport companies have gone above and beyond what’s expected of them in order to keep communities functioning.

Paul kindly shared his story of how they’ve coped with the pandemic.

“Thanks again to Mike Bailey at CAVA Finance for helping us finance our new bus.

The coronavirus has hit us hard with the loss of tours, football hires, golf outings, airport transfers and schools.

We are fortunate that our local councils in Falkirk and West Lothian have been really good supporting us through these difficult times.

We have been doing some work at a special needs school and with the NHS and some voluntary work with Falkirk Football Club delivering food parcels to the elderly and needy.

We are one of the lucky coach operators that have survived some have not been so lucky.

Looking forward to returning back to normal, hopefully sometime soon.”

As you can see, Paul and the company are a big part of the Falkirk community, from providing transport to supporting their local football club, Falkirk FC. 

We’re looking forward to seeing all our customers again soon, in the meantime we are here to continue to provide advice and assistance around your next vehicle purchases. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to discuss your options.


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Back in April, the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) were due to implement new motor finance rules in their final ruling. However, in the midst of the pandemic, these rules have been delayed till around October this year.

The new rulings relate primarily to the relationship between dealerships and finance bodies and aims to give customers more clarity, allowing them to make more informed decisions regarding their vehicle purchases.

Like many other industries across the country, business in the car finance arena has suffered, dropping by around 94% according to the FLA. This is in stark contrast to figures from 2018 which saw the motor finance industry in the UK reach £64Bn, resulting in it being the third largest lending sector.

FCA Announcements

The FCA recently announced proposals to continue to support those with motor finance agreements. You may recall that we provided some information around ‘payment holidays’ right at the start of lockdown, if you’ve not yet requested a freeze and would like to, the deadline to apply has now been extended to 31st of October 2020.

9 out of 10 new vehicles are funded by some variation of a finance plan in the UK, meaning many across the country may be struggling when we take into consideration the impact of furlough or redundancies, this is what has spurred on these temporary measures being announced, to support motor finance customers.

There have been some positives in the last month or so, despite online vehicle sales increasing during lockdown, with the re-opening of dealerships, the used car market managed to wiggle back to pre-lockdown levels last month, with growth of 13.3%.

How will this impact vehicle values?

Vehicle values have also remained reasonably stable throughout lockdown which will benefit those in PCP agreements or those looking to change vehicle at the end of their finance agreement.

Some interesting factors to consider around the growth of the industry in the coming months focuses on the public’s view of using public transport. Will we see a decline in rail and bus travel as people opt to travel by car?

Boosting the Motor Finance Industry

The Government also recently announced a £73.5million fund to boost ‘green economic recovery in the automotive sector’.

This will benefit a range of vehicles from personal cars to taxis and vans, with funding being used to research and develop cutting edge technology and recyclable batteries, which can cut carbon emissions. Low emission cars and commercial vehicles will be manufactured in greater volumes with the contribution of this funding.

In addition to helping the UK stay on track with its pledge to be emission free by 2050, the funding will see 14,000 research and manufacturing jobs protected, boosting the economy.

We’ve been delighted to have seen several customers grow and expand their fleet with new commercial vehicles during the pandemic and CAVA is confident that we’ll continue to see resilience from the industry in the coming months.

We’ll keep you updated with any major changes but in the meantime if you require any impartial, no obligation advice, or if you’re considering your options but don’t know where to start, please get in touch. You can call Mike on 0161 222 9599 or use our contact form and he’ll be happy to discuss your needs.


After months worth of sports being put on hold and not being able to get out to practice either, Mike was delighted to get back out on the course in June.

Before lockdown began, Mike had started to take lessons and given the current restrictions these are currently on hold. That’s not stopped him getting in some well deserved putting time, practising his swings and brushing up his handicap.

Take a look at Mike in action below!


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Over the past few months public transport and private hire transport companies have been hugely hit by the impact of Covid 19.

As lockdown restrictions were put in place over the last few months, the demand for taxi or bus services dropped, with people remaining in their homes and travelling only when necessary.

As CAVA’s specialist areas cover Coach, Minibus and Taxi finance, we were well aware that our clients were facing some difficult months ahead. What we’ve seen is a great sense of camaraderie, community spirit and positivity.

We’ve shared several stories from our clients, from Brighter Blinds to Thomas Moss. This month we’d like to share the story of Wheels Private Hire Ltd, one of our longest standing customers.

We’ve worked with Director Steve Howard for five years now and since 2015 we’ve helped the company grow their fleet and maintain a great service. With over 22 years of experience in the private hire industry, the Leeds based company weren’t going to be slowed down by a national lockdown!

Wheels have remained active on their social pages, ensuring customers are aware that they’re available to assist 24/7 as usual. The brilliant team have continued to provide reliable, clean and efficient transport solutions to keyworkers and the general public, who need to make essential travel.

The private hire firm has ensured that key workers can travel safely with priority booking for NHS workers and that general public can get supplies, all whilst strengthening their community.

Even during a time of crisis they’ve been helping local businesses and supporting their customers by teaming up with YouCard, which provides discounts from various companies across Leeds.

We’re proud to be working with such resilient companies during this time and are looking forward to restrictions easing and working together again.


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The first of June saw the first glimpse of normality resuming for the UK with slight eases of lockdown restrictions being lifted.

Some schools re-opened, people are able to socialise in groups of six in an outdoor space and some non-essential businesses were able to reopen.

Car showrooms were amongst those opening their doors to the public for the first time since lockdown measures were implemented. The motor industry is taking huge steps to ensure the safety of both staff and customers as dealerships re-open.

It’s been a long 10 weeks and we’ve certainly seen how the industry can adapt, with an increase in business being conducted online over this period.

With public transport use being discouraged during lockdown, there has been a significant impact on the travel industry, which we will hopefully have some updates on towards the end of June. Whilst public transport has been discouraged, this could explain a boost in sales amongst cheaper new model vehicles or used vehicles.

We work closely with a select few, trusted dealerships including David Fishwick who have kindly provided us with an update outlining the preparation they’ve taken to reopen.

“David Fishwick, the Minibus specialists have always operated on a national basis due to the specialist nature of their product range and are gearing up to re-open their showroom and also resume with delivery of vehicles within the coming days, having put measures in place to adhere to distancing guidelines during both the preparation and handover process to protect their customers and members of staff.

Matt Eames, Business development manager advises that despite some short term disruption caused by COVID-19, their order book has been largely unaffected with demand for new & used EuroVI compliant minibuses in particular being very high across both commercial and non-profit sectors. Whilst the Tourism industry is seeing changes in level of demand, the feedback from their customers is that new opportunities are opening up providing travel for small groups of passengers who do not want to use public transport – a role in which a flexible small vehicle can excel.

Key suppliers including vehicle and component manufacturers are back at work and scheduling revised delivery dates, allowing the coach building arm of the business to re-start from 1st June, with a range of new passenger and driver screening options in the final stages of development to help the end users operate the vehicles safely.”

We’re very much looking forward to continuing to work with David Fishwick! CAVA has fortunately remained functional throughout lockdown, but we understand the uncertainty surrounding the last few months has caused many companies to put certain plans on hold.

We’d like to reassure all clients and future clients that we are here to offer impartial, no obligation advice, so if you’re considering your options but don’t know where to start, please get in touch. You can call Mike on 0161 222 9599 or use our contact form and he’ll be happy to discuss your needs.



If you asked Mike last week what he was missing most during lockdown, his answer would certainly have been golf!

But with some lockdown restrictions easing up recently, Mike was one of the first back on the course, enjoying the brilliant weather and getting in some well-deserved practice.

Whilst there are still restrictions in place, the good thing about golfing is that it is non-contact to begin with.

Mike’s course, Greenmount, in Bury, has been a little quieter than expected and new rules state games can only be played in pairs, at a distance. There’s a few ground rules to adhere by too, no bunker rakes can be used and no touching the flag poles!

However, after weeks of not being out on the course, Mike said he felt a sense of normality returning and a sense of purpose. Golf is great for focus, just like cricket, another sport which Mike is a huge fan of.

You attack a golf course mentally, not with your swing. Jack Nicklaus


What hobbies or activities have you had to put on hold during the pandemic and what are you looking forward to doing when lockdown is fully lifted?


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After going live last Monday, the new Government backed Bounce Back loan has proven to be a welcome short-term solution for many UK businesses.

More than 130,000 applications were submitted in the first day with nearly 70,000 Bounce Back loans worth £2bn approved during the first 24 hours.

Whilst this isn’t an area of finance that CAVA can access on your behalf, we are still committed to sharing vital information with our clients that may help them to survive during this time.

What does this loan involve?

Up till now, the Government hadn’t offered support to smaller businesses yet had offered assistance via the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) which you can read more about here.

The Bounce Back Loan is aimed at companies looking to borrow less, allowing up to £50,000 (capped at 25% of annual turnover) with an interest rate of 2.5%. Just like the CBILS, the interest will be paid by the government for the first year and applicants have 6 years to repay.

The loan is available through a range of accredited lenders and partners and is backed by the British Business Bank as part of Government support for UK businesses and employees. When looking into this for your business, please be aware that it is not available through all banks.

Unlike CBILS, the minimum loan is a lot less, so if your cashflow has been disrupted as a result of Covid19, but you didn’t qualify for CIBLS, this may be a more suitable option to help support your business through this uncertain time.

Key Points

– Short application form which checks eligibility

– Borrow between £2000 – £50,000

– Borrowing is capped at 25% of business turnover

– Six-year terms

– 100% Government backed guarantee against capita repayments and interest for the first 12 months

– No fees for the first 12 months

– Interest rate set at 2.5% p/a

– Early repayment is allowed with no early repayment fees

– You will not be required to take a personal guarantee (such as your home or vehicle)


How do you apply?

Firstly you should approach a lender, you can view available accredited lenders here across the UK. You should start with your existing bank and an apply via their website. Of course, more lenders may be added to the list in the coming days and weeks.

There are of course certain criteria your business must meet to be eligible and if you are your application will be subject to standard checks.

Be aware that since this scheme has been announced, a high volume of people are making applications which could mean lenders websites or phone lines may be busier than usual, expect delays and be patient.

As with all announcements currently, there will likely be further information announced around the loans in the coming days and we will update this article accordingly.

You can view the FAQs on the British Business Bank website. If you have any other queries relating to topics around future finance for vehicles or assets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, CAVA Finance remains fully operational and here to help!